About Us

Hanyani Consulting is a consulting firm which prides itself in our unique business model which takes into account the full human infrastructure by ensuring that we help our customers to experience success in every area of their lives. We do this by working together with you on the family dynamics, business planning, strategy execution, etc. Hanyani Consulting is 100% black owned and also a family business. The business is owned by Romeo and Faith Mabasa. They both have a combined 40 years working experience and we share the follownig business knowledge:

  • Finance

  • Strategy Management

  • Business Administration

  • Social Media Stratey

  • Capacity Building Planning

  • Skills Development Strategy

  • Conference Facilitation

  • Corporate MC'ing

  • Life & Relationship Coaching

  • Business Mentoring & Advisory Services

  • Sales Training

Our Services

Hanyani Consulting offers the following services:

  • We provide maturity assessment and modeling, to ensure we provide the right service with measurable results

  • Mapping your team skills matrix to ensure alignment to your future business (Future of Work)

  • We provide facilitation serives from strategy, relationship & marriage,

  • We provide value added services to ensure you get more value than the money you paid

  • We provide individual attention by identifing high impact individuals within your business to ensure rigorous business continuity

  • Skills Transfer to ensure that you are not constantly paying for services you can do yourself

Our Events

We are excited that you will become part of our upcoming events and invitations. Come back weekly to this page for more

Event Description Date/Time Action
Relationship Q&A This is our regular conversation starters with our partners TBC Email: ask@hanyaniconsulting.online with your questions
Kenya Book Review Our Partner in Kenya will host us for a book review TBC Details to follow
SanParks Away for Repair - Season 1 Away for Repair is an emotionally charged reality TV show set in seven of the most beautiful South African National Parks. Each week, eight contestants in strained relationships are faced with physical and emotional challenges aimed at bringing them towards a resolution Starting 7 October [Every Thursday at 21:30 and repeat Saturdays at 10:30am] Check SanParks Website

Remember you can also book us via bookings@hanyaniconsulting.online

Our Book

To place your order you can email:orders@hanyaniconsulting.online to get our business bank details

alternatively, use this payment link to reserve your copy for ZAR350 and we will courier the same day once your payment has cleared

Get in touch

Mobile number: +27 76 214 4600

EMail: bookings@hanyaniconsulting.online

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